Prinsens senapssill and Skånsk senapssill came first and second respectively in this year's competition at Sillens Helg, which was organized on 1-2 June in Marstrand.
- "We are incredibly proud of our company and our products," says Jonas Nilsson, owner and production manager at Prinsens Sill och Sallader.

Out of a total of 18 different producers in this year's mustard herring test, Prinsens managed to win first and second prize. On a windy quay in Marstrand, Marcus Holmström received the winner's trophy. 

It was at the end of May that the various herring producers were judged by a jury at Fiskekrogen in Gothenburg. The jury tasted the pickles from bowls that had only one number on them. The varieties were then scored according to appearance, taste, texture and quality.

Prince's mustard herring received the highest score, closely followed by our Skåne mustard herring.
- "It's particularly pleasing that the recipe for our mustard herring has remained the same since the company's inception. The win shows that the company is on solid ground," says Jonas Nilsson.

The jury consisted of: Ulf Wagner, Katja Palmblad, Håkan Thörnström, Lars Ahlström.

The price tag:

1 Prince's mustard herring

2 Prinsens Skånsk mustard herring.

3 Jeppe's Skånska mustard herring from Ringsjö fish

Other competitors: 

Lisa Elmqvist senapssill, Klädesholmen extra mild senapssill, Amiral senapssill, Coop senapssill, Lysekil senapssill, Klädesholmsens senapssill with malt whiskey, Fiskeexporten senapssill, Abba senapssill, Buhres senapssill, Prinsens senapssgravade senapssill, Års Fisk & Saldjur senapssill, Wagner senapssill, Tommy G senapssill, Falkeskog senapssill, Garant senapssill.



Brothers Marcus Holmström and Jonas NIlsson with the winning products.