For us, it goes without saying that fresh ingredients make for naturally good pickles. That's why our herring goes almost directly from the sea to the jar, with a small stopover in our own team. You can feel the difference, both in taste and texture.

Creamy herrings

Drömsill is a strong taste experience, spicy herring pieces in a creamy sweeter marinade provide an appreciated and unique product for the herring table at holidays.

A delicious herring paste developed in collaboration with Sillens Helg. A tasty mayonnaise spread with the flavor of cold smoked salmon, red onion fermented with crème fraiche.

Prince's crayfish marinated herring has become the company's flagship in recent years. Today, many have developed their own variants of our crayfish marinated herring, but it is still fun to be able to say that we were the first with this herring variety and we still think that no one has managed to make a better product than our own!

Unique taste experience, through collaboration with Sillens Helg we produce winning herrings. This herring has become a favorite both with us and customers who have tasted it. Chef Alexander at Grand Hotel is the creator of this herring, if you haven't tried it, you should.

Our fine rum herring with a smooth taste of red onion and rum is a popular product for the Christmas table or on the sandwich on a simple weekday evening. The rum herring is often a nice combination with other herring varieties with a stronger flavor such as mustard herring or Brantevik herring for the herring table.

Prince's mustard herring. A big seller and no wonder, because it's fantastic!

Lovely flavored herring in pieces in a delicious creamy sauce. For those who like matjessill, this is a favorite. Sold in consumer packs and large buckets.

Our Scanian mustard herring, unlike our regular mustard herring, gives a little more sting in the taste for those who like stronger flavors.

Prince's Garlic Herring is a unique product with a strong flavor experience.

We think our Curry/Apple herring is unique and delicious. It must be tasted and experienced. The balance of the curry is crucial to achieve a good end product and we have done that.

Clear sills

Prinsens fantastic Brantevik herring is a unique taste experience. The herring is gravad, which means that the herring itself gets a very strong and fine flavor before it is placed in our delicious marinade.

Contains pieces of a pickled fillet laid in a fine layer and spices. A wonderful product for the herring plate.

Our Enbärssill is a really nice product that few dare to try because of the name. Small fine pieces of herring are in a good tasty layer, which means that we can offer a very good clear herring coating for those who are looking for something new.

Unique product that we only produce for Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, only available in a 500g gral jar, similar to Branteviksillen but with different spices.

Our French onion herring is made from an old-fashioned recipe with large, fine pieces of herring. Perfect for a lovely egg and herring sandwich!

Perfect product for those who just want to hold the herring and put it in their own pickling. Made from salted herring, available in both pieces and fillets and only in a 5kg bucket.

Made from our grandmother's old recipe. Unique pleasant pickling available both in consumer jar and in large bucket

Prinsens Löksill is a big seller in both shops and wholesalers. Contains pieces of herring fillet in a delicious layer of spices.

Prinsens Matjessill is recognized for its large, fine herring fillets. The size and thickness of the fillets are unique.

Large, fine fillets of the best raw material are available from fishmongers and some shops. A natural herring for your own pickling.

Unique pickling as we put in real currants and not concentrates like many of our competitors. Available to special order in a consumer jar or in a large bucket.

For commercial kitchens only