Sauces are good with everything! With us at Prinsens, the range of sauces is increasing all the time, feel free to look below for some ideas and contact us if you want samples or a quote.

Aioli is one of the strongest growing products for us in our sauce segment. We have a well-balanced Aioli both in texture and in taste. It is not easy to make a good Aioli that suits many, but we have succeeded!

Chili Aioli is a new product that has quickly become a new favorite among both wholesalers and retail customers. The perfect dip for some shrimp or crayfish.

New! Superb sauce for meat dishes. A fine balance between truffles and mayonnaise.

Lime aioli with a fresh taste of garlic and lime that goes well with both a piece of meat and fresh shrimp.

Good with barbecue, good as fish!

A delicious saffron flavor that is perfect for fish soup or seafood.

Prince's fine remoulade sauce is a perfect sauce for fresh fish! Fresh flatfish with Remoulade sauce and potatoes, now that's a meal!

New! Incredibly good if you believe those who have tasted it, has already become a success.

The hot sauce is perfect for a barbecue evening. It goes equally well with freshly grilled meat and fish. The combination of the hot and sweet mango flavor is magical.

The cloudberry sauce goes perfectly with both salmon and cold cuts or why not with a good Västerbotten cheese pie.

Unfortunately, there are not many good gravlax sauces today, but here is a favorite! A seasonal product that we sell a lot of during major holidays both in stores and to wholesalers.

The rum sauce is an extraordinary sauce. Here you have a ready-made product perfect for a salmon dinner or an appetizer. Make it easy and buy our fine rum sauce at your next party.

With a taste of parmesan and basil. A good sauce for white fish, soured with crème fraiche.