Food crafts and tradition since 1990

For us, it goes without saying that fresh ingredients make for naturally good pickles. That's why our herring goes almost directly from the sea to the jar, with a small stopover in our own team. You can feel the difference, both in taste and texture.

Staff favorites

Brantevik herring

Our bestseller and test winner, a clear favorite among our staff.

Marstrand scrambled eggs

Our 25th anniversary scramble became a real favorite when we also increased the amount of seafood in it. clear competitor on the breakfast table with our tasty shrimp salad.


Clear favorite, good with everything! you must try it if you haven't yet!

We mix your recipe

Times are changing and today we make many different pickles and mixes for different customers in their own brand. If you/your company has wishes, do not hesitate to contact us. With our modern factory and knowledge, we can solve most things today. We are FSSC certified, which means that we can produce for almost most players in the food industry. Do you have an idea? don't hesitate, we only see opportunities!

Why the Prince's

Freshness is something we never compromise on either herring or seafood. Our own mayonnaise is a very good basis for all the salads, sauces and creamy herrings we produce. Customer, product and delivery reliability are important factors for us. For us, craftsmanship has always been a guiding star in our ambition to always deliver quality products. the fact that we are a small family business but with a capacity and certification that can produce large series or a small batch of skagenröra makes us unique in our industry. If you want to know more about us, feel free to contact us!

Find retailers

You can find Prinsens retailers all over our country. With our own trucks, we deliver weekly to around 60 stores and wholesalers in the local area. We send everything else by transport within Sweden or on the export market. Are you looking for a retailer in your local area? Contact us if you want to know more about our dealers and where to find our products!