We have a large range of salads

Mainly, we make a variety of seafood salads with different amounts of seafood depending on the quality and price you want. We make several different types of potato salads, beetroot salad, mimosa salad, tuna salad, salmon tubes, ham salad, pulled pork tube and many more, feel free to check out more below.

Shellfish salads

Tasty seafood salad with 65% fresh shrimp, uniquely created for the 400th anniversary celebrations of Gothenburg, will be available in selected stores until the end of 2023.

This tasty mix combines the garlic and crayfish tails to make a perfect salad for an appetizer or an evening sandwich.

Our anniversary scramble when we as a company turned 25 years old, it became so popular so made it with more fresh shrimp and renamed it Marstrand scramble, must be tasted

Our fantastic shrimp salad is our flagship salad. The fact that we have fresh shrimps makes the taste different from other competitors who use frozen ones. Here you have 44% of the jar's content with large, fine shrimps. The fact that we use fresh shrimp means that you also get a salty taste and a nice chewing resistance in the shrimp.

The Prince's scallop salad is the perfect salad for a sandwich or a festive appetizer. Shrimps, crayfish and roe give this salad a luxurious feel to both sight and taste.

Our famous Smögenröra contains both shrimp and salmon. The salad has a luxurious feel and a nice little taste of smoked salmon. Excellent as an appetizer or with a hot potato.

Our West Coast salad is perfect with a baked potato or on a sandwich. It's a big seller for us in our stores and is popular with many people. The only product we sell that contains mushrooms.

Other salads

Uniquely good Gubbröra containing also creme fraiche, sold only to wholesalers in 2.5kg buckets at holidays, made to order.

Iceberg lettuce is a perfect salad for sandwich cakes or canapés. A good tip for those who want to offer an appetizer with a slightly luxurious feel but without seafood if someone in the company is allergic. The fact that there is no shellfish in the salad also means that the product has a longer shelf life.

Wonderfully tasty mess made from hot smoked salmon, perfect for sandwiches, baguettes or similar.

Mimosa salad is an unbeatable product. Combine a mimosa salad sandwich, a slice of ham and a slice of tomato with a cup of tea in the evening, it's a perfect ending!

Our Potato Salad contains finely diced potatoes of the highest quality. Fresh peppers and leeks give it a fresh and tasty flavor. Our potato salad is sold in everything from small packages on store shelves to deli counters around the country, a very popular product.

Prince's Beetroot Salad is known for its finely diced beetroot and not being as acidic as many of our competitors. Fine chewing resistance and good texture make this salad very popular. Available in all stores that we deliver to ourselves. An obvious choice for a beetroot salad sandwich with meatballs or on the Christmas table, Must be tested!

Sell only in 2.5kg buckets to wholesalers for holidays, to order.

Our tuna salad is a popular product. Many people like to have it in a baguette for an outing, hence the choice to stick to a 300g jar so that the jar is not too small!

Seasonal product, only for commercial kitchens