Dear customers,
Here is a short message from our new owners. It is with a strong belief in the future and a long-term vision that we, Fredrik Aschan, Henrik Ahl and Andreas Vollstedt, have taken over this beloved company. We want to take Prinsen to new heights and deliver top-class food craftsmanship.
Fredrik Aschan, a food enthusiast with experience from various restaurants and industries, has long had a dream of working in the food industry.

Fredrik says: Taking over Prinsen together with two friends who share my passion for food and food culture is a dream and something I want to work on for the rest of my professional life.

We share a common goal - to run Prinsen for many years to come, just as the Nilsson family did. Fredrik will be fully engaged in production and sales, while Henrik Ahl, who runs three accounting firms, will take responsibility for the finances. Andreas Vollstedt will focus on board issues and strategy work. "Together, we are grateful for the opportunity to take Prinsen forward and will work hard to preserve its history while offering new flavors and products.

We look forward to continuing to be your trusted producer of premium dining experience. Thank you for your trust and support - together we are creating an exciting future for Prinsen!

Have a nice weekend and hope to hear from you soon!
Fredrik Aschan, Henrik Ahl, and Andreas Vollstedt