Laxröran is one of Prinsens Sill och Sallader's latest innovations and contains high-quality hot-smoked salmon pieces.

Our new salmon salad came about through a conversation with one of our customers in Värmland. The customer, who runs a family business, also has his own smokehouse. We have had the privilege of using the family business' high quality salmon products in our salmon salad.

It is the warm smoked flavor that makes this salad so delicious. The salmon mixture is just as tasty on the evening sandwich at home as it is for bakeries to use in their sandwich cakes.
- "In my world, there is no reason to use iceberg lettuce when we have developed this delicious salmon mixture. This is a completely different level with a fine quality at a relatively low price," says Marcus Holmström of Prinsens Sill och Sallader.


The salmon paste is available in 200 gram jars in stores. For wholesalers and cafés, we also have the salmon paste in 2.5 kg packages.