Thank you Ingeli Bengtsson for your eight years with us as our superb financial administrator. We will miss you and wish you all the best for the future and a wonderful retirement.  

Congratulations on your retirement, how does it feel?
- There are mixed feelings. It will be nice to be free, but it will also feel empty. I've enjoyed myself and will miss the community, my colleagues and the nine o'clock breakfast with all the good salads to choose from. It is natural that a new generation takes over and it feels safe to have such a good successor.

Any event you will remember in particular?
- I started at Prinsen in October 2011. A lot has changed over the years. For example, when I started there was only one computer that we shared. Now there are several and we have introduced a new accounting program. It has been interesting and fun to be part of that development.

What will you enjoy most during the day?
- At this time of year, it's mainly the garden that will occupy my newfound time. Then I will look after the grandchildren more. Otherwise, I will live the retired life and have a good time. It will be nice not to be as busy during the day as I have been so far.

You are a bowler, who will put the Princes in their place in the future?
- Yes, we have had a number of Kick offers over the years. If you are the only girl among guys, you have to put up with a lot. Among other things, they have lured me out on a guided segway tour in Madrid and into a kayak at Marstrand. I would never have done that otherwise. The kick-offs have been tough. When we said goodbye to another colleague a few years ago, we went bowling and I won. That was fun! I have really enjoyed working at Prinsen and would like to thank you for the confidence to work here and everything I have experienced.