One of this fall's big news for Prinsens Sill och Sallader is our delicious Hjortron sauce. It goes perfectly with both salmon and cold cuts or why not with a good Västerbotten cheese pie.

- "Requests have come from several of our customers who run their own salmon smokehouses to produce a really good cloudberry sauce," says Marcus Holmström of Prinsens Sill och Sallader.
The cloudberry sauce does not have a base of mayonnaise, like most of our other products, but instead contains cream.
The cream makes the cloudberry sauce even more rich in its character and together with the sweetness of the lovely cloudberries it creates a nice balance.

- During the fall, we will launch the cloudberry sauce in several stores. The cloudberry sauce is available from our retailers," says Marcus Holmström.

If you want to know more and see what the cloudberry sauce contains, look here.