Today, Friday October 20, AVA Invest acquires the family business Prinsens Sill & Sallader AB.


  • This is a process that we have been working on for over 2 years, says Jonas. "We came to a stage where we more than doubled our turnover and it has been a fantastic journey but also exhausting. Now we are facing taking the company to the next level and then it felt most natural to let others with new energy and knowledge take over to achieve these goals that the company has set in its business plan.


Both Jonas and Marcus have had to process leaving the company, but have decided that this is the best thing for themselves, the staff and the company's development. Both will remain on the company's board and continue to work in the company, but will gradually be phased out of the business.


  • We are very keen that Prinsens As a company should continue to deliver quality products with high delivery reliability. The choice fell on Fredrik and the gang in AVA Invest as we felt that we had similar values and views on how the company should live on," says Marcus.


Fredrik adds

  • We are proud to take over Prinsens and its four business areas: herring, salads, sauces and cream cheese," says Fredrik Aschan (CEO AVA Invest). "Our vision is to build on Prinsens' outstanding quality and freshness, while introducing exciting new flavors and innovations to meet changing consumer demands."



Press release from AVA Invest will soon be posted on our website.


For further information and inquiries, please contact:

Jonas Nilsson, Owner and Production Manager Phone: +46 705 15 83 88

Marcus Holmström, CEO Prinsens Sill & Sallader AB Phone: +46 704 94 74 86

Fredrik Aschan, CEO AVA Invest Phone: +46 707 55 93 57