In response to customer requests, Prinsens Sill och Sallader has developed six different liquor bags with good flavors to easily and quickly prepare ready-made dishes. The liquor bags are only sold to wholesalers.

The six different mixes contain fresh cheese and have flavors inspired by the Mediterranean and our own original Swedish Norrland. With our specially made resealable liquor bag, the customer can easily prepare exactly the number of finished dishes they need. This avoids both waste and increased costs. It should simply be quick and tasty to make a good dinner!

The 6 different flavors are:

Rich Swedish cream cheese cream with sun-dried tomatoes & garlic. Let yourself be inspired by the Mediterranean. Perfect with meat and fish.
Swedish cream cheese and mayonnaise filled with a lovely blend of basil and parmensan. Good with both meat and fish.
High Coast:
Delicious Swedish cream cheese with flavors of Västerbotten cheese, parsley, dill and lemon.
Wasabi/fresh cheese:
Rich Swedish cream cheese with wasabi and grated ginger. A must with salmon for those who like sushi. Good with both meat and fish.
Rich Swedish cream cheese with a fresh and tangy taste of lime and horseradish. Perfect with meat and fish.
Mayonnaise with dill and lemon. Ready to prepare shrimp sandwiches and sandwich cakes.

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