Siw-Hege Axelsson is a new employee at Prinsens Sill och Sallader. She will work with finances and as a quality coordinator with us. A warm welcome to the Prinsen family.

How does it feel to start here?
- It feels very exciting and fun to work with a locally built brand that many people know. I really look forward to working in different areas of the company. Prinsens feels like a workplace where I will thrive very well, a fantastic working environment and very nice colleagues.

What have you worked on before?
- I previously worked in a small entrepreneurial company that developed a tool for emergency care.

What do you prefer for your evening sandwich, herring or salads?
- On Friday evening I have a salad with the prawns. I like to eat herring at Easter, Midsummer and Christmas.

Have you managed to find a favorite among the Prince's products?
- There are many good things to choose from, but the Marstrand tube is probably a small favorite.

What do you like to do in your free time?
- I enjoy being active in my free time, I love running, swimming and skiing. I enjoy spending time in various sports halls with our children. I also enjoy interior design and cooking.