Hans Pettersson works as a salesman at Prinsens Sill och Sallader. This year he has worked with us for 10 years. We want to celebrate this with an interview about what it is like to work at Prinsens.

Congratulations Hans, you are celebrating your 10th anniversary this year, how does it feel?

- It feels great, I really like it. It's a varied and stimulating job. I take orders, assemble the products and deliver them to the store. Then I keep order in the stores, and keep statistics. I also have good colleagues, we are like a small family. And half of us are actually family.

What is the best part of your job?

- It's meeting all different types of people. Not a morning goes by that you don't leave with a smile on your face. Going to work is never a problem because it's so much fun to get out to the customers.

What is your best/worst job memory?

- It was when I knocked over a pallet of Matjessill. I will never do that again. It was in Stenungsund three years ago. There was a hole in the road when I was turning and the truck was full of goods to be delivered. It took about three and a half hours to clean the truck. I always drive carefully. I will never forget that incident. A positive job memory is the difference when the expansion of the new coolers in the factory was completed. It became much easier to work with and it saves us time as well.

What are your unexpected talents and interests?

- I am a sports nerd and watch all sports both on TV and live. I am also a former ice hockey and football referee. I wasn't good enough at playing myself, so I became a referee instead. In ice hockey I was a referee at almost elite level. Football was at district level. I also like my riding mower. I have a green-fingered wife and a large plot of land.

Which three Prince's products are your favorites and why?

  1. Shrimp salad - "It's delicious, authentic, outstanding and made with love.
  2. Rum sauce deluxe - "Love the taste, it goes not only with fish but with lots of other things too."
  3. Matjessillen - "I can eat it even on Christmas Eve!".